Sanathana : Patanjali (Album)

by Samana Records



Patanjali is the solo album by Sanathana. Once again Sanathana shows his versatile and unique approach to sound design with this release through Active Meditation Music. With every EP or Album Sanathana's musical flavour keeps changing and the out of the box approach gets more obvious.

The album was featured in respected Goa Gil's divine dozen of May 2012. Patanjali is a mixed bag of beautiful melodies, live improvisation of analogue synthesis intense emotions, depth in motion and music that one may chose to listen to or actively meditate to it in the form of a dance or body movement. The concept of the album is as the name suggests 'Patanjali' the initiation of spiritual cleansing through the ancient yoga practice. In this case, Sanathana intends the listeners to meditate in the form of a dance aiding them to release trapped energies within and to detach from the physical self including the mind, spiritually connecting the listener deeper with their Atman / consciousness.

The production is more of a 'Live' style approach to sound design. Definitely an album that will be played and cherished for a long time by all lovers of underground psychedelia.


released March 1, 2013

w+p by Swaroop Guhathakurta / Sanathana
Mastered by Makus / Overdream Studio



all rights reserved


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